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Stunning costume jewellery set by Grosse

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A stand out designer costume jewellery set from one of the 20th century greats – Grosse. Grosse was a designer in the mid 20th century, who designed for his own production but also for Christian Dior, though this piece is one of his own, the build quality and design speak for themselves. Comprising necklace and earrings this is a glamorous piece which blends sophistication and sparkle.

The necklace is a lariat style with beaded collar and matching three strand tassel. The beads are imitation carnelian glass – very well done and including striations as the real stone would have – separated alternately by ridged goldtone bands and crystal studded bands, the small crystals catch the light but their spacing means they are not overdone. The tassels are joined with a hexagonal bail and half hoop grouping on an inverse “open flower”. The flower and bail are studded with bright cut crystals and the hoop with baguettes – reflections at every angle. The clasp is a standard foldover, linking two rings which in the right light could just look like the capital letter G!

The earrings are good solid clips and repeating the hexagon and hoop bail and three strand tassel.

All pieces are signed Gross√© (the accent indicates post-war – an attempt to hide Grosse’s German roots).

This is a superb and masterful design by someone with an eye for detail, wonderful quality and production values. Definitely an evening piece but then again would suit a lady who lunches!


Overall the condition is excellent. All beads and crystals intact, gold plating is bright and not worn through (another sign of quality). The stringing may appear a little loose but is intact and is designed thus to allow the beads to spread evenly around the neck. Earring clips are soft but firm.


  • Necklace: 17 inch (43 cm) + 3 inches (7.5 cm) for tassels
  • Earrings: 2.75 inches (3 cm) drop


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