SOLD Vintage Designer Silver Chevron Necklace by Grosse


Vintage silver chevron necklace by Grosse

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Rarely, but always with aplomb, do costume jewellers branch out into silver but here we have a very fine example with this vintage designer piece by Grosse. Grosse was one of the designers whose work spread from his own outlets to being picked up by Christian Dior, this piece originates in his own stable but would be at home in a Dior collection. It is simple and elegant forming a ridged chevron shape, perfectly symmetrical, with a triple-band ridge at each finial.

The design is formed from a flat sheet so is not as heavy as it appears but uses good quality silver with the silver mark present to the underside of the main pendant. Behind the points to the chevron a domed curb style chain extends so this is not a single chain but two which clasp at the top and extend to a light chain with the maker’s pendant cartouche. The chain is quite short as this is designed to sit under the chin, however it would be easy for a jeweller to add a short length of belcher chain to extend it. The piece dates to the 1950s/60s – indicated by the use of a “political” post war accent on the E of Grosse (Grosse decided after the 1940s to distance himself from his German roots so as not to damage reputation or sales). Still very stylish and a worthy piece of crossover fine/costume jewellery


This necklace is in lovely condition with only very minor (and expected) scuffing to the silver and the chain is solid.


  • 3 inches (7.5 cm) side to side
  • 2 inches (5 cm) top to bottom
  • 2 x 6 inch (16 cm) chains
  • Total length 14 inches (32 cm) (could be easily extended)


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