SOLD Antique Victorian “Pebble” Malachite Anchor Brooch


Victorian silver and malachite pebble brooch in the form of an anchor

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Of an age of fine craftsmanship and themed design this Victorian anchor brooch is a stand out piece of collectable jewellery. The Victorians loved pebble jewellery – mostly because ‘Er Majesty was all in favour and, then, what the royals liked the public liked. Royalty and fashion often went hand in hand (look no further than the trend for “mourning” jewellery as an example.) However, this fine silver anchor is not a mourning piece and maybe even a bit earlier. These treasures were often made in Scotland – a good source of stones – and this is no exception.

The silver is unmarked – as is common with older jewellery where silver and gold did not have to be marked if under a certain weight – but is heavy and forms a shell into which cut malachite panels have been fixed. The shape is a typical anchor with a slanting cross-piece and barbed ends. At the top, a large ring exudes the start of a rope which winds around the piece (the rope is attached to a smaller ring behind which could feasibly be used to take a chain and make this a pendant. However there is a vertical pin with classic Victorian C-clasp (the pin is long and comes to a point longer than the brooch itself; again, this was common at the time). These pieces of pebble jewellery remain a great collectable but are also very wearable.


Because of its age, there are a few minor signs of wear and tear. There is a small “dink” tot he silver at the rear – but I stress at the rear and very small. One of the malachite panels has been reset at some time in the past and one of the stones in the point has a hairline crack. However, it should be considered that these things are part of the history of the piece and are in no way deleterious to the overall charm of the brooch.


  • 2 inches (5 cm) long + little bit of the pin
  • 1.5 inches (4 cm) widest point
  • 0.25 inch (0.5 cm) deep


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