SOLD Antique Silver and Ivory Knife Rests


Genuine antique silver and ivory table knife rests in unusual bulls horn design.

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Don’t let the title put you off, these unusual knife rests, designed to keep gravy off the linen, are a classic of Victorian table etiquette albeit with a less than classic design. They take the form of bulls horns – quite unlike the standard glass or silver bar – so these have a real rarity value. They do however come with a price. The bases are silver – hallmarked – while the “horns” are constructed in ivory. Despite this, these knife rests seem, due to their unusual design, to be worthy of becoming part of a collection. (Please see our FAQ section on protected materials for further details)

We guarantee that these are not modern, they are a genuine antique as the hallmark dates them to 1900, assayed in Birmingham and made by master silversmiths Hilliard and Thomason. The silver is beautifully designed – a square capstan style – with embossed borders with acanthus corners, rising to a silver bar which holds the ivory horns. The bases have a leather covering and are probably filled to add weight.


These knife rests come in near perfect condition. A few minor indications of wear and tear but with no major damage, chips or dents. Both rests are clearly hallmarked giving proof of age.

  • Bases: 1.4 inches /3 cm square.
  • Horns: 3.25 inches/8 cm across
  • Total height: 1.75 inches/4 cm
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