Antique Miniature Clichy Glass Vase


Miniature Clichy swirl vase in cobalt blue

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Who doesn’t love a miniature? and as far as miniatures go, this antique glass vase could be described as a miniature of a miniature. First of all its maker. It is an exceptional piece made by Clichy. Now this is a little misleading, Clichy is in fact a suburb of Paris and in the early 19th century a glassworks or Cristallerie was set up there. Its a bit like M’dina or Caithness today – more a region of glass making than a company itself – but the name Clichy has stuck. So this piece, stylistically, was probably made by Appert Frères who were in some respect famous for making glass rods for lighting and for paperweights (to make milefiori). However that use of rods were also used to make decorative pieces like this vase.

A classic vase shape with long (comparatively) lightly swelling sides, a long neck and generous rim. It is handmade so not precise in dimensions and a little off-centre but charming because of that. It is finished in swirls of alternating white and cobalt blue, like a blue humbug, this is a finely detailed piece. It has an arts and crafts aesthetic as you can see where the rods were bundled together at the bottom and where they were stretched and finally cut to make the rim. It has a smoothed out base, eradicating the pontil mark but leaving the eye to examine the craftsmanship. The skill involved in blowing a miniature like this is breathtaking and clearly shows why the Clichy glassworks rivalled Baccarat and other contemporaries.

In terms of date this piece is around 1870-1890 although there may be some leeway either side of that. Of course not practical for floral display (unless you have a penchant for daisies, but a special little collectors piece for the bijouterie table.


This miniature vase comes in absolutely mint condition, no scuffs, fleabites or other exterior damage. As new, though of course it isn’t


  • A little over 2 inches (5 cm) tall
  • 0.6 inches (1.7 cm) base diameter


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