SOLD Antique Ginbari and Cloissonne enamel vase


Meiji Period enamel vase

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A beautiful example of “mixed media” enameling from the Japanese masters of the art. This squat vase has an appealing hand-sized shape decorated principally in ginbari enamel, this involves carving a pattern into the base metal, foiling and enameling; in this case with a rich green enamel over a a dot and leaf under pattern. The craftsman here has added a cloissonne floral design of a rose. This makes the technique complicated and time consuming for the different firing times and polishing techniques needed.

The vase is rimmed at the collar and base with white metal bands – not silver sadly but silver plate over brass.

The vase dates to the Meiji period 1865-1912 and was probably made for the Western market rather than the domestic Japanese market. A lovely piece.


Excellent condition, all the enamel is perfect and very little wear to the silver plating.


  • 9 cm/3.5 inches tall
  • 8cm/3.25 inches at widest point
  • 3cm/1.25 inches aperture


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