TSV Antiques is a family business. We are not a large multi-national, we care about our stock and our customers, we care about the environment and we take care to run an ethical business.

We will never take your money and run! We will answer all and any questions in a timely manner and aim to give you, our customer, a safe, easy and friendly antiques experience.

TSV Antiques have over twenty-five years in the antiques trade and a wealth of knowledge (aided and abetted by the internet of course) relating to the antiques we stock and the periods, defining styles and history which accompany them. 

We are happy to share that knowledge and never mind answering questions, but at this time are unable to offer insurance valuations – we may be interested in purchasing stock however so please do not hesitate to contact us.

“Antiques” is an often used and occasionally misused term. TSV Antiques define antiques and vintage as follows:

  • Antique – over 100 years old
  • Vintage – 100 – 20 years old
  • Retro – styled as vintage but modern
  • Artistic (i.e art glass, studio pottery) – from any period but with a distinct and/or bespoke quality

These are the criteria under which we categorise our stock. We do not knowingly sell reproductions and if we do, they are clearly labeled as such (some which have artistic value can pass muster – see this blog for details).

We research our stock to the fullest degree (though sometimes information can be scarce and we can make the very occasional mistake) and will always provide as much information as we can. We are always ready to admit that we know a lot about antiques but no-one can know everything.

The antiques we sell have to meet several conditions: Quality, price, rarity value, condition and design. We take great pride in making sure we can meet these conditions in our purchasing and pass them on to our customers. Our motto is something for everyone at a price for everyone but this does not mean that we will ever compromise on the other conditions for a quick sale.

The antiques trade is a varied and vibrant marketplace with plenty of competition and more than its fair share of characters. Negotiating this can be daunting for some and can lead to a lack of confidence between the public and traders. TSV Antiques aim to make shopping for antiques a pleasant and rewarding experience with a guarantee of confidence that you are buying exactly what you think you are buying. 

Please feel free to ask us if you are unsure about anything related to our stock or the antiques trade in general – browse our blog archives for some of our own thoughts as well. 

TSV Antiques are committed to ethical trading and environmental protection. We fully understand the implications of selling protected materials and where possible avoid items which may prove controversial. Due to the nature of increased knowledge and changing opinions and attitudes over the years we accept that some exquisite and well crafted items may not appeal to modern sensibilities; however it seems a shame to ignore these items if they have a rarity or collectable value. 

All items sold by TSV Antiques meet the requirements of the CITES agreement  and we guarantee that anything made with protected materials is a genuine antique and was not made after 1947. 

In 2019 the UK government introduced the .UK Ivory BIll which by the end of 2019 will mean no ivory products can be sold without meeting certain conditions and a licence to trade – this is an understandable position given the ever present threat of illegal ivory sales and the effect it has on elephant conservation. Therefore anything containing ivory will be clearly labelled with a proof of age and we will remove from sale anything with ivory content by November 2019D

There are several ways to shop with TSV Antiques. 

If you prefer the more traditional market to shop for antiques, you can track us up and down the country at various antique fairs. A full list of upcoming fairs is available through our Where to find Us page. This details antique fairs and exhibitions we will be attending by their organiser and gives dates at each venue. Here you can come and say hello in person, handle the stock and maybe find some items we don’t have listed in our online store. Where there are ticket offers available this will be detailed in the listings.

If you are attached to your phone and like the idea of a more immediate sale then you can shop from the comfort of your own home through the Shop on this site. Browse by category, or price and add the antique of your dreams to the basket. You may want to contact us for combined shipping; we can put items on hold, calculate a single shipping cost and either invoice you separately or refund you the difference. 

Checkout couldn’t be simpler. Regular users may want to create an account to keep track of their purchases and speed up the process but its not essential – casual visitors can purchase as a guest as well. All payments are managed through PayPal – pay direct or with a credit or debit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account. Transactions are quick, secure and verified. Please see the Data and Privacy tab for information about how we treat your information.

This is the complicated bit so please let us know if there is anything you are unsure about.

Basic Shipping Information.

Shipping is calculated according to weight and value combined with a little bit added on for packaging and admin. The price of individual items will be shown in the listing, however the item price shown does not include shipping. This is added on automatically when you view your basket.

UK Shipping

UK shipping is through Royal Mail and all items will be sent special/recorded delivery This will deliver your purchase the next day and be insured for its full value. Flat rate charges are as shown in the following table. We are sorry but we cannot offer free or reduced shipping on any item – this is to ensure that we can post everything with insurance, thus protecting you and us from any unlikely loss or damage within the postal system.

Letter post – small packages up to 100 g in weight
Category             value                           cost
A                          <£500                         £8.50
B                          <£1000                      £10.00
C                          <£2500                      £12.00
Parcel post – parcels 100-500g in weight
A                          <£500                         £8.50
B                         <£1000                      £10.00
C                         <£2500                      £12.00
Parcel post – packages 500 – 1000 g in weight
A                          <£500                       £10.00
B                          <£1000                     £12.00
C                          <£2500                     £14.00

Combined Shipping

If you are interested in more than one item it may be possible to combine shipping charges; however, this cannot be done automatically. Shoppers wishing to purchase more than one item should contact us in the first instance. We will put the items “On hold”, calculate shipping and send an invoice.

International Shipping

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer direct shipping outside the UK. We hope to expand this at sometime in the future. In the meantime, customers wishing to purchase from outside the UK should contact us quoting the stock number of the item and giving details of your location. Individual shipping rates can then be calculated and invoiced through PayPal. On receipt of payment your item will be posted. Please note that for customers outside the EU, the calculated shipping price will not include customs tariffs, these will be your responsibility to pay on receipt.

All our antiques are – unsurprisingly but to coin a phrase – “pre-loved”. They are therefore susceptible to age related wear and tear and certainly, in most cases, will not look new. We trust that in any description, we clearly identify any damage, repairs or other vital information which denote the condition of the piece.

We would ask buyers to read descriptions and examine photos carefully and if there are any questions, to contact us quoting the stock number before committing to a purchase.

Items will be packaged and shipped with the greatest of care to ensure your antiques arrive safe and sound and in the same condition they left us. However if you think there is a discrepancy again, please contact us (politely) within 30 days, providing photos of any damage or condition issues not included in the description, to discuss options for returning your item.

PLEASE REMEMBER: we are a small family business and cannot easily absorb the costs of returns and refunds, therefore we adhere to a strict policy of no returns/refunds for “buyer remorse”.

New EU regulations regarding data and privacy (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. TSV Antiques, as a small family business, has developed a policy in line with these regulations and the allowances of the software used to run this website.

We have no interest in your data other than to provide excellent customer service and deliver your orders in an efficient and timely manner. However if you wish to be sure you can read our data and privacy policy here!