Welcome to TSV Antiques: a small family business based in the south of England. We don’t have a shop but we do have just enough wanderlust to travel the highways and byways of the UK to sell high quality antiques, jewellery and objets-de-virtu at some of the finest antique fairs in the country.

Please browse our site where you will find information about selected items of our stock, upcoming shows and fairs and a few (hopefully entertaining) blog posts from time to time covering many aspects of the wonderful world of antiques.

If you spot a must-have antique on the site or were beguiled by a beauteous bit of bijouterie  at one of our fairs and have decided you can’t live without it, please call, email or use the contact form and let us know what it is and we can arrange everything from an invoice to shipping to get it to you as soon as possible.

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